Friday, July 22, 2016

Rescued Dolls: Evan and Sawyer

We "won" the above doll off ebay for about $41 (including shipping and handling!).  For the longest time, we wanted to try our hands at repurposing an old AG and transforming it into a boy doll.  We had so much success with Evan (he's the one with black hair and blue eyes), that we bid on a second doll (about $51 including shipping and handling). 

Wigs were purchased through  They are the BEBE style, size 10-11 for 18" dolls.  each one cost about $17. The clothes we found on etsy- each outfit was $10.

So for a total of about $155, we have two boy dolls- and couldn't be happier.  We shared our how-to video before for our transformation techniques (learned from other youtube videos!).

Making Sawyer